Aahista Aahista (Hum TV) - watch all episodes

Aahista Aahista by Hum TV

Watch All Episodes of Aahista Aahista - Hum TV (2014)

Here we go with another good drama of Adnan Siddiqui, a well known Pakistani drama artist. You can watch this drama - all episodes of Aahista Aahista - online. 

Cast of this drama includes: Adnan Siddiqui, Mawra Hocane, and Sarwat Gilani

Title song is written by Sabir Zafar and composed by Sahir Ali; Rahat Fateh Ali has sung it.

Hum TV's upcoming 2014 drama is here - Watch Aahista Aahista Drama - the title song is available at the same link.

Watch & Enjoy - share with friends and families.



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