Aunn Zara Review - Pakistani Drama APlus 2013

Aunn Zara Review (APlus TV) - Pakistani Drama

Your views on Aunn Zara - Pakistani Drama by APlus

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Aunn Zara is APlus' new drama starting in June 2013. The title song for this drama is sung by Athar Sani & Raghni. The drama looks promising due to its humor and small jokes.While keeping the humor alive, a story is well knit within the serial.

It must also be said that Aunn Zara drama has good acting standards. Most actors, particularly the ones in Key role did a good job. The cast for Aunn Zara includes: Osman Khalid Butt, Maya Ali, Hina Bayat, Sabreen Hisbani and other several actors.

This drama can be watched at Drama Fazeem - Watch Aunn Zara.

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