Online Storage or Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage
Now a days with rising demands of data storage, people are forced to buy bigger hard-drives. Users with tons of pictures, find it difficult to store their pictures in their computers. Consequently, they are forced to buy external hard drives. Same is the case when storing data - computers are always at risk because they are being used; for this reason people want to store their data else where. They also end up storing their data in external-hard-drives.

What truly everyone needs is Cloud storage. For those of you who don't know what cloud storage is: it refers to that storage that a person has online - it is your online backup. Yes, now you can upload your data online and be sure of its safety. It has many advantages over external-hard-drives or even USB drives.

Now if one looks at the cons of external-hard-drives, he would surely not rely on them to protect his data or pictures:

  • Cloud storage is available where ever you go - no need to carry anything. For external-hard-drives you would have to carry them around to use the data. Therefore, cloud storage is more portable than external hard drives.
  • Hard drive is a very fragile material. One drop could cause it go corrupt and make it unusable. However, cloud storage isn't like that - you can store something online and it would be safe and secure. Therefore, cloud storage makes sure your files don't go corrupt.
  • External hard drive is a one time investment, but no one knows how long are they going to last. However, cloud storage is cheap and it will most certainly last you longer than your external hard drive. Therefore, cloud storage is longer lasting than any personal external hard drive.
This list could keep on going - but it should clarify to everyone the benefits of Cloud storage over external hard drives. Now if you have decided to switch from external hard drives to cloud storage, then here is a site you could visit and choose a suitable online backup site for your self.

This site gives plenty of useful links - utilize them and start benefiting from online backup before your data gets lost.



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