Unsend your sent messages at Gmail - New Gmail Feature

Unsend Your Sent Messages at Gmail
Google's mail adds a new feature

Can you believe it?

Now you can unsend your message that you have already sent through GMAIL. Let's say you wrote an email to your friend, and you quickly pressed the "Send" button as soon as you thought you were done - but then you realized you have to write P.S. --> in this case you can undo your action of sending, edit your email and then send it! Cool, isn't it?

Here's a demonstration of how to ENABLE this Gmail feature

However, this functionality is only for a few seconds, or maybe a minute. You cannot edit your emails long after you have sent them - this is just to correct quick errors, and make quick additions. If you wish to edit after like hour or so, that would be too late!

Not the best of the features, but not a bad one either!

- Team MastySpot

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