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A rising Communist Band in Pakistan, Laal The Band, has released their first album with Fire Records of Aag TV [GEO]. Most of their songs were written and composed by Late Habib Jalib. However, Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poetry, along with Pakistan's popular lawyer Aitezaz Ahsan's (Aitzaz) poetry has also been sung in this album.

The album is regarding the current situation of Pakistan and Pakistan's Politics; main topic is "road to acheive justice" - The leading singer is Shahram Azhar (Sharam Azher).

01 - Mein Nay Kaha (Musheer) (Main Ne Uss se Yeh Kaha)
02 - Umeed-e-Sehar (Umid-e-Sahar)
03 - Kal Aaj Aur Kal
04 - Na Juda (Nahin Juda)
05 - Saada
06 - Mat Samjho
07 - Zulmat Ko Zia (Bande Ko Khuda kia Likhna)
08 - Jaag Punjab (Jaag Mere Punjab)
09 - Dastoor
10 - Jaago


Source: Apna Pakistan


Sadiq Basha said...

Red Salutes to the efforts of our Comrades in Pakistan.

Thank you so much for inspiring revolutionary Album.

There is a need for communist band in India.


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