United States Elections 2008 - Who's going to win, discuss, make predictions...

United States presidential election, 2008
November 4, 2008
NomineeBarack ObamaJohn McCain
Home stateIllinoisArizona
Running mateJoe Biden (Delaware)Sarah Palin (Alaska)

Who's going to win, Who won, Who lost?
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Are these elections for the World President?

Elections are going to be held very soon - the whole world is excited about the elections, because they have accepted United States to be the supreme power, a power that is currently ruling the World. However, here we should discuss who may or may not win these elections. Give your opinion about whom you think is going to win, and discuss why.

In one hand we have Barack Obama, who if wins, his victory would not only be the victory of Democrats, but of his African community as well. Africans have gone through much troubles in the history, particularly of United States. Now, if a president is elected of African origin, this would show how the racism is being wiped out from the World, or at least, from the United States of America.

On the other hand, we ave an aged and a well-experienced politician, John McCain. He has served United States in the past, not just in politics but "on-field" as well. He has fought in the war of Vietnam, where he was captured by the local people of Vietnam. Overall, he has also served the country well in the past, but one must not forget about his famous "Keating Five" scandal of 1980s. If that is true, then...

Again, elections are not far away - one must cast his vote after well-formed decision, as it is the matter of the whole world. These elections have an impact on the economy of the World, on the future of Muslim countries including Pakistan and Iran, and it also has an impact on the oil reserves in many countries including, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other ones

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