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Atif Aslam
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Atif Aslam is currently one of the most liked singer in Pakistan and his fame has reached India has well. Today, any song that he sings becomes the biggest hit, and its on the lips of every urdu/hindi speaking person. He has released 3 albums so far: Jalpari, Doorie, and latest one is Meri Kahani. All his albums have been a hit. Jalpari, that was his debut album, featured some really good soft-rock songs, but in Doorie he changed his style and sang general pop songs - but in Meri Kahani, he returned to his original rock style and showed more professionalism in his songs.

When Atif Aslam's first track, Aadat was aired on TV, that instantly brought him popularity in Pakistan. This young man born in Wazirabad, who completed his education in Lahore, reached new heights after that, and slowly he was known all over the world.

Atif does not only sing solo songs - in fact he has done some duets as well - one in Pakistan with Had
iqa and a couple in India. Currently, once in a while he sings for Bollywood as well - each one of those songs that he sang for Bollywood, became huge success. These tracks include, Tere Bin, Pehli Nazar Mein, and Bakhuda Tumhi Ho.

Doorie (2008) (Click on any song)Doorie by Atif Aslam
Doorie (Energy Mix)
Doorie (House Mix)
Doorie (Duri)
Ehsaas (Freaky Mix) (Ihsas, Ahsas)
Hum Kis Gali Ja Rahe Hain (Dance Mix)
Hum Kis Gali Ja Rahe Hain
Kuch Is Tara (Euro Mix)
Kuch Is Tarah
Mahi Ve (Eternal Mix)
Mahiya Ve Soniya (Soul Mix)
Mahiya Ve Soneya (Mahiya Ve Sohneya)
O Re Piya (Trance Mix)
O Re Piya
Yakeen (Club Mix)

Meri Kahani (2008) (Click on any song)Meri Kahani by Atif Aslam
Chor Gayai
Humrahi (Hamrahi)
Hungami Halaat (Hangami Halat)
Kaun Tha (KapKapi)
Mann Hota Hai (Short)
Mun Hota Hai
Maye Nee (Mai Ni)
Meri Kahani
Rabba Sacheya (Rabba Sachia)
Yaaro (Yaro)

Miscellaneous / Singles
Tere Bin Main Yun
Pehli Nazar Mein
Aas Paas (with Hadiqa)
Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Ba Khuda Tumhee)
Koi Apna Live
Meri Kahani Live



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