Pakistani Music Magazine (June 2008) - Stay Informed: Atif Aslam, Ahmed Jahanzeb, Mekaal Hassan and more...

Pakistani Music Magazine

June Edition 2008

Here, we have latest news for you from Pakistani Music Industry. Many new singers have jumped into the scene in past few years, and for some its time to release their go-ahead albums. Yet others have already claimed the heights of success, that include Atif Aslam. Ahmed Jehanzeb, a singer of world-fame, has released his second album, after completing great business with his debut album of semi-classical solo tracks. Mekaal Hassan Band (MHB) is also working on more music to provide for its listeners. And more and more singers are coming up, with melodious singles being released every other day.

Atif Aslam:

Latest news on Atif Aslam is that he has completed another track for a bollywood flick, called Kismet Konnection (Qismat Connection) - The track is called Ba Khuda Tumhi Ho. The song is available here, Click Here for Song Video. However, this is only the teaser, full length song mp3 would be made available very soon.

Ahmad Jahanzeb:

This semi-classical singer is back with his 2nd album, which is also expected to rock the minds of many. The album is called "Laut Aao" and has been released on June 16, 2008 with Fire Records. First video of this album is already being aired on Aag TV, and other channels. This video uses the most CGI (Computer Generating Image) Technology. It has been directed by Kookie Gulaty. You can watch the video for this song here: Click Here to Watch Chandni by Ahmad Jahanzeb

Other Music News:

  • Mekaal Hassan Band is releasing a live concert video with all their tracks that has been labelled "Live at the Bahria Auditorium" - They'll also be releasing their next video called Husndun (Husn Doon)
  • TMA Awards results released - Click here to read the results
  • Strings release their 3rd album "Koi Aanay Wala Hai" - Turns out to be a big hit - Download the album from us. Click Here to download

More News would be brought for you exclusively on ApnaPakistan.Net, along with MastySpot. Until then, enjoy the music that we have. Soon, we would be back with more. :)



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