Download Mozilla Firefox 3 (NEW NEW NEW!!!)

Download the New Mozilla Firefox 3

Mozilla has released complete version of Firefox 3, after many beta releases. Most bugs have been cleared out. There may still be some, but they will also be resolved over period of time, if you continue to download Mozilla Firefox Updates. Mozilla Firefox 3 is available in 45 languages from all over the world. Disappointment for Pakistanis, and Indians, as there is no Hindi, or Urdu - but other local languages are available that include Gujarati and Punjabi. For Arabs, Arabic Language is available for Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla is of course, not just available for Windows users, but for Mac OS X and Linux as well. It works just as great on other operating systems as it does on Microsoft Windows.

Mozilla Firefox 3 has many new features in it that were not seen in older versions of Mozilla Firefox. Firefox was always known for its easy-to-use bookmarking system, but this time, it has been enhanced so much that users will find it even more easier and comfortable to use. Location Bar is another useful feature in Mozilla Firefox 3 - this feature makes it easier for users to revisit the sites they have visited earlier. Its Improved Performance also makes it lighter for PCs to handle. It takes up less memory than before and works very smoothly. Full Zoom is another brilliant feature - now you can zoom into any page that you are browsing and see it from close. Security has also been enhanced in Mozilla Firefox 3.

In short, it is a must download - therefore download it and install it into your computer, may you have Mac OS X, or Linux or straightforward Microsoft Windows.

Download HERE:

Download Mozilla Firefox 3



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