Boondh - A Drop of Jal (ALBUM DOWNLOAD)

jal.jpg picture by DesiMD

MastySpot has uploaded the 6 tracks from Jal's latest album "Ek Boondh - A Drop of Jal" - You can download the album from Main Stream Library of MastySpot. The tracks are listed below:
  • Hamen Itna Pyar (Humein Itna Piyar)
  • Kiya (Kya se Kya Bana Diya)
  • Mast (Must Qalandar)
  • O Saathi Re, O Sathi
  • Piya
  • Tum Kahan Chal Diye
Proceed to - the select "Main Stream Library" - Then choose the band "Jal" from the list - Select the album and download the songs!



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