Muhabbatan Sachiyan - Revival of Cinema

muhabbatan_sachian.jpg Muhabbatan Sachian picture by DesiMD
Another movie by GEO FILMS
Mohabbataan Sachian ... to revive the cinema!

Shahzad Rafique has directed a Punjabi movie, for which Indian singers have sung. Movie is likely to be a hit, since it has been sponsored by GEO. Geo TV is currently playing its... To read more or DOWNLOAD the tracks click here

Track list:
01. Ud Gayaan Nindraan Khalo Gayi - Sonu Nigam, Sharya Ghoshal
02. Main Jeena Tere Naal - Sharya Ghoshal
03. Tere Bin Chain - Sonu Nigam, Sharya Ghoshal
04. Agli Tu Na Pichli Tu - Sharya Ghoshal
05. Sajna Ve Pijhee Pijhee - Sharya Ghoshal
06. Kehdri Kehdri Shai Teri Akh - Richa Sharma
07. Teriyaan Yadaan Aaondiyaan - Sonu Nigam
08. Galyaan Galyaan Husn Diyan - Sunadhi Chaun


Anonymous said...
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omer said...

the song 'main jeen teray naal' is a true romentic song. i think it has all the basic components and ables to generate a wonderful feeling.


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