Malkoo - Profile of the Week

Profile of the Week
Name: Rashid Chohdry
Country: Pakistan
City: Lahore
Fav. Color: Black
Star: Gemini

Malkoo is a very popular singer in Punjab, Pakistan. By doing concerts all over the World, he has made himself known throughout the World. He has visited many countries for his concerts including, US and Canada. He is lyrics writer, and he has penned many hit songs for other singers. Waris Baig's album, Aa Ja Nach Lay was written and composed by Malkoo. This is not the only composition, he has composed for many other artists also.

More about Malkoo
Malkoo is a true son of Pakistan. He has a distinct rustic voice which captivates the listener and takes them to a new realm of music listening. After completing his Masters in English from Punjab University, Malkoo started off as a poet and penned many a hit songs of established POP singers as he used to hymn out his poetry various people. Malkoo is "Gemini" and loves desi food. His favorite color is black.

Malkoo's Music
He has released four superb albums - their titles are listed below.
  • Sochna Ve Na
  • Jogi
  • Bhatti Dollar Kaman Challeya
  • Kala Jora
Malkoo @ MastSpot
Most of his songs are available at MastySpot - and they are free to download. You can check our music library to download his songs.



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