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Khuda Kay Liye Cast:
  • Shaan
  • Fawad
  • Iman Ali
  • Naseeruddin Shah
  • Hameed Sheikh
  • Austin Marie Sayre
  • Rufus Graham
  • Angela Williams
  • Alex Edwards (Lead support actor)
Khuda Ke Leeay Track Listing:
  • Allah Hoo
  • Bandeya
  • Bandeya 2
  • Duniya Ho
  • Hamare Hain
  • Instrument
  • Janie Janie
  • Khuda Ke Liye
  • Mahi Ve
  • Tiluk Kamod
Khuda Ke Liye's Music:
  • Background Music: Rohail Hayat
  • Vocals: Ahmad Jahanzeb, Shuja Haider, Farah Zala, Ammar Hassan, Khawar Jawad, Faiza Mujahid, Saeen Zahoor, Zara Madani
  • Lyrics: Shoaib Mansoor, Buley Shah, Faiza Mujahid
  • Compositions: Ahmad Jahanzeb, Shuja Haider, Lagan Band, Khawar Jawad, Javed Bashir, Kamijee

Recorded at Gravity Studio in Chicago by Kamijee

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