Janay Do (Ali Haider) - Akhri Alvida (Strings) - Laree Chootee (Call)

Ali Haider's Amazing NEW single, "Jaanay Do" played on TheMusik recently, has been added to MastySpot Music Xclusives. Download it now by browsing the MMX library of ours located in the "Music Library" Section.

StringsFor all music fans, Strings' new single that they have released for a Bollywood Movie - Shootout at Lokhandwala - has been added to the MMX [Masty Music Xclusives] . The song is called "Aakhri Alvida Na Ho". So, check out the music library and browse MMX to download the song.

Also added the bollywood single by Uprising Pakistani Band "Call" - Laree Chootee from the movie Ek Chalis Ki Last Local - In MMX
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