Spartan: Total Warrior

I was playing this game over the weekend. I got this game on Thursday, last week. Since then I have been playing this game non-stop. It is such an addicting game that you don't want to stop, once you start. It was an amazing game - probably one of the best ancient war games ever made.

You are a Spartan in the game and so much stuff is happening around you. This game makes you feel like that you are really there in the game and fighting off all the Romans. It was a pretty short game, that's why I managed to finish it within 3-4 days. Even though, I am not a game-freak, but this game was too good.

Another reason for me to like this game was that I watched 300 (Spartans) less than a month ago. So, this game seemed more fun to me. I would recommend to all those people who loved the movie "300" must play this game. It is a nice game and fun to play.

This game consists of just 3 acts, and 14 scenes in total. There are a few bosses that you have to fight. But they all are quite simple. You don't need to think too much to play this game. It is straight forward game, full of action, unlike Prince of Persia, in which you spend hours looking for an exit or entrance.

I would rate this game 8.5/10.
IGN Rating: 7.9/10



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