RhythmX's complete album "Dilberian" added to the Music Library

RhythmX has released their debut album - it was released on 17th of March but it was not available online anywhere. So, MastySpot has brought the latest album for its members, for easy download. Album has been added to the library. Browse the library, go to Rhythm X and download their 14-track album, Dilberian.

Tracklist :
  1. Dilberian
  2. Mastt Nazroon Se (feat. Annie)
  3. Dekho Na Aisay
  4. Dekha Na Tha
  5. Jhoomay Zindagi
  6. Xindagi (Zindagi)
  7. Nach Meri Soniye
  8. Ni Aja Aja
  9. Dil Se Dil
  10. Shaam Dhallay
  11. I'm Lost
  12. Honton Ki Hassi (Honton Ki Hansi)
  13. Xindagi (Zindagi) (House Mix)
  14. Mastt Nazron Se
All songs are recommended for listening. Every song is just amazing. Band members: Irfan Khalid, Mc Clay (McClay) and DJ Asim have put their full effort into the album and they produced superb music. So, move to the library and download the songs. Enjoy!!!


Music Mind said...

Its a big hit gr8 album very different and very Original.

Desi MD said...

definitly a good album...and no copied tracks....

Anonymous said...

wowww .. relly good album!

dilberian, xindagi, and dekho na aisay are my favouties!


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