Masty Legends/Folk Singers

MastySpot will very soon be bringing its users a new section that would be called "Masty Legends" and Legendary singers will be added to this set of Music. This would be the 3rd type of library for MastySpot's users. This would also feature the folk singers of various areas, especially Punjabi. Keep visiting our site for more details. More information will be given after wards. To let you know, this new section would have tons of songs sung by various singers such as:
      • Attaullah Khan Essakhelvi (Isakhelvi)
      • Akram Rahi
      • Mehdi Hassan
      • Naseeb-o-Lal (Nasib-o-Laal)
      • Noor Jehan
      • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
      • more... (others and upon your request as well)
We would be adding most of the songs ever sung by any of the singers listed above or even other folk/legendary singers. So keep visiting - there is more to come at MastySpot in the near future.



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