Hadiqa Kiyani's Rough Cutz

Hello to all fans of Hadiqa Kiyani:

MastySpot will very soon be bringing you the exclusive album of Hadiqa Kiyani - Rough Cuts. This album of Hadiqa Kiani is completely in English, and she sang the album with Aamir Zaki. Album will be here very soon. But please support us by clicking the ads on the sides, so we can bring you the best entertainment possible.

Track list:
  1. Be With You
  2. Living This Lie
  3. All The Same
  4. By The Way
  5. I See The Light
  6. So Far Ahead
  7. Spiritual Rock N Roll
  8. Easy Ride
  9. Come Lay Down
  10. I Wonder Why
  11. City Of Fallen Angels

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- MastySpot Team


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