Rain falls at Super Bowl

Something everybody was looking forward to, Super Bowl, NFL title game, was played today. Sadly, and for the first time in history, during the game it started to rain. Because of what fun for many was ruined.

The game was between Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts. Colts ended up winning the game by 29-17. There were 8 turnovers in the whole game, and 5 of them were by Bears.

Due to rain, less people came out to watch the game. More people preferred watching it on TV. Even the ones that came to watch the game, were hiding themselves under umbrellas. Super Bowl game is favorite among many North Americans, and its popularity can be judged by the face value seats' price: US$600 apiece. For this reason many seats were empty.

Well, weird thing is that this was the first time it rained during Super Bowl - title game. For us cricket fans, it is a normal thing, we have seen rain falls during many match, and also during many finals - if it rains in a World Cup final - which is a bigger title than Super Bowl - we still wouldn't be surprised. Cricket fans are obviously used to it. However, fun was ruined for many people that came out to watch the game, and others that wanted to come but didn't come because it rained.



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