England wins the CB Series!

England had been in such poor form at the beginning of this series, and had lost to Australia 5-0 in the Ashes. They started off this tournament with poor strategies, and kept on losing for a while. But near the end of the pre-final games, England's team got together and helped the team make it to the finals.

The strange thing is that Australia that had the most points before the finals, still lost in the finals. Only two matches have been played of the finals, and England has already finished the series. Credit of this whole series win goes to Collingwood, who played magnificently near the end of tournament and led the team to victory. In last 3 games of this tournament Collingwood played 3 good innings, two of these innings were 100s, and other one was a 70.

Because of him England has been able to seal a series win in Australia. Now the interesting thing is that the World Cup is just around the corner, and Aussies have lost a series and England has regrouped. That means Aussies are still beatable :) but England are going to give some fight in the World Cup. World Cup is going be quite tough this time, since, almost every team is confident of doing good. Which means we will get to watch a better competition in World Championship this time.

Aussies did regain the title of Ashes this time but One day Series title, however, has yet not been gained by Aussies this time either. In 2005, the Natwest series was tied between these two teams. However, this time we saw England as winners of CB series. So, next time in ODI series, when these two teams come face to face with each other, Australia would be looking to take revenge of this loss.

After this series Aussies will have to go over their performance if they want to win the World Cup. They are still the best, there is no doubt about that. Let's see how they do this time in the World Cup!



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