Canadians likely to be hit hard with Climate Change

Just read in The Star that Canada weather will continue to change over next few decades. Weather will constantly be changing. It is not so easy to predict how much change there would be over the years. But by 2025, due to global warming, will rise half a degree. And possibly by end of the century, 1 whole celcius will rise in the average of each year of present time.

Canada should be ready for hard times in the future. Scientists have made predictions about climate of North America. Below are some of those predictions:

  • More water evaporation from the Great Lakes as the weeks with ice cover drop because of warmer the air and water.

  • Deeper snow cover in the Arctic from 2041-2070 but less elsewhere in Canada.

  • Fewer but more intense storms moving across Canada from the Pacific.

  • Greater risk of drought for already dry regions.

But scientist also agree that nothing is in our control and however the weather is changing, we are stuck with it. Below is a statistical paragraph from the star:

These included: a steady shrinking since the 1950s in the area of North America
still covered by snow in early spring; a 7 per cent loss per decade since the
mid-1970s in the extent of Arctic sea ice; continued loss of ice from the caps
on both Greenland and Antarctica and a steady shrinkage of the leading "tongues"
of glaciers everywhere in the world.

To read the complete story on this click this link: Canadians will be hit harder



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