Waqar Resigns as Bowling Coach...

Former successful bowler of international cricket, Waqar Younis, has resigned from the position of bowling coach of Pakistan. He was appointed to this position for about 10 months and was removed by Naseem Ashraf, earlier this month. He was required to do his job till the end of the test series against South Africa, that is to start later this week. But he was not supposed to coach in the ODIs.

Waqar Younis did not like this decision of Naseem Ashraf and as soon as he returned from Hajj, he resigned from his position even before the time Naseem Ashraf had decided for him. Waqar said that management needs to know how to respect ex-players of Pakistani team. I totally agree to that. Waqar Younis is of course one of the best fast bowler the WORLD has ever produced. Therefore, he deserves some respect. Not just him, all ex-players should be respected.

Waqar Younis has done so much for Pakistan and of course he still wants to help the team. But if team management doesn't want him he can't do anything. New South Wales, Australia, had already offered him to coach their players. Waqar had told them that he would join them once contract with Pakistan was over. But poor management of Pakistani Cricket Team has caused the contract to terminate too early.

This decision of Naseem Ashraf and team management shows that they don't respect their ex-players, which they need to do. This how the team of present will benefit, because more ex-players would want to help them. If ex-players are not given respect, they will not sign any contracts with Pakistani team management nor they will come to the academies to give hints and other tips to the current team of Pakistan. So, the team would be left without much guide.

Another harm that this decision can bring to Pakistani team is that the World Cup was about to come up, which is held in West Indies. It is a land where many pacers from all around the World have done well in the past. So, if Pakistani team had Waqar Younis as their bowling coach, they could get more advantage in the upcoming World Cup.

The decision has been taken that has not been appreciated by the Cricket Gurus and other fans of Cricket. Since I am a Pakistani, I hope this decision doesn't do too much harm to the team. I hope they can still perform well in the World Cup, so they can name the trophy to themselves for the second time in the history!



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