The Same Sex Marriage Issue

After re-opening the issue the issue was closed before any argument was made on it, the Conservatives lost the vote to argue about this issue again by 175-123. I am quite disappointed because as being a Muslim I obviously oppose this law because it goes against the teachings of Islam. I had thought that by re-opening this issue these people have been given another chance to cancel this law and save themselves from committing a huge sin, but it seems as if most of them do not want this to happen, and have listened to the Satan inside of them. Who knows when they will learn.

I read a article in The Star and according to that a lot of the MPs only voted "no" was because they did not want to open up this issue again, because then for the next few years this would be the main topic they would be talking about, they just wanted to get over with this. Also according to the article I read that over 12 000 gay Canadians, as well as foreign visitors, have been married in the last three years.

If the government keeps approving of these issues, then later on if people want to marry their pets, or marry someone within their direct family. Will they keep on giving them the right to do that? It will only get worse, not better for mankind, this is just destroying mankind and exploiting the society.

I don't think that this issue will probably be opened again, because it has already been voted out, so the chance of saving this society from a great punishment from God is almost gone. I can't really do much anymore, but pray for the best of mankind.



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