Natural Disasters and Wrath of God!

Last year, in 2005, we saw a lot of hurricanes around the World. Everybody must have noticed that storms and hurricanes are getting stronger, over the years. Of course, there have been real dangerous storms and hurricanes in past too. But, past records are being broken by new storms and hurricanes.

A news report states that there will be 14 storms coming in coming hurricane season and 5 of them are hurricanes. There is no hurricane striking the U.S. this time. In past 61 years, this is only 11th hurricane season in which not a single hurricane is expected to hit the U.S.

But news report also states that this is still a bad year, maybe not for the U.S. but for the rest of the World, it is. Are these disasters wrath of God???

Well, the World has been committing more sins recently. Day-by-day people are getting worse. God wants us to see that what we are doing is wrong. He is asking us to turn to the right path, and stop destructing the World by giving up the Worldly desires.

May God make us understand the truth!

SOURCE: The Star - Read by clicking here



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