Joke Of The Day: Flight 000

A British Airways flight was going to Pakistan in Islamabad from London. When it gets close to Karachi it starts having some kind of trouble. The pilot contacts the Air Tower at Islamabad airport and asks for help:

"Hello Islamabad, this is Captain Smith, British Airways flight 000, do you read?"

"Flight 000, this is Tower flight Control of Islamabad , go ahead"

"Islamabad, this is flight 000, we have a problem"

"This is Islamabad, what kind of problem?"

"This is flight 000, we have lost power to our engines, please advise"

"This is Islamabad; I reed you, please check some things for me, ok?"

"This is flight 000, go ahead"

"This is Islamabad; can you get emergency power to your engines?"

"This is flight 000, negative, no power is available"

"This is Islamabad; can you please bring your altitude to 20,000 feet?"

"This is flight 000, negative, our wing controls do not respond"

"This is Islamabad: can you please see if you can lower your wheels?"

"This is flight 000, negative, landing gears are stuck"

"This is Islamabad: would you please repeat these words after me"

"This is flight 000, go ahead"

"This is Islamabad: repeat these words please:

"Inna Lillah I Wa Inna Ila'hi Rajioon"



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