The Great "Firewall" Of China

This article below that talks about the people who have been imprisoned for journalism & blogging (especially through internet) in China. Read this article below:

Hugo de Burgh, a journalism professor and expert on China, argued last night that only a "tiny" proportion of people in the world's most populous state were in prison for journalism or blogging.

Speaking at a debate entitled the Great (Fire)Wall of the Internet, Professor de Burgh said it was important not to overstate the curbs on free speech in China, which were often a legacy of confused laws and perpetrated by local officials.

His remarks drew opposition from several of those present at the debate, organised by the London School of Economics and Reporters sans Frontières (RSF).

Julien Pain, head of the internet freedom desk at RSF, said: "There are around 70 journalists in jail in China and more than 50 cyber dissidents also in prison ... How can you say 50 people is not a lot of people?"

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Laws of China have also enforced strict censorship on really important sites, such as Wikipedia, and BBC. Because of this a lot of people don't get to know what is really happening around the globe. People that try posting this information through blogs in China, get imprisoned.



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