Akhtar and Asif are being aquitted...[Video Attached]

Great News for all Pakistani fans out there!
The bans that were placed to superstar Pakistani bowlers, Muhammad Asif and Shoaib Akthar, have now been taken back. Both of the players had re appealed. Their appeal was heard and they were forgiven of the charges. In a meeting between 3 officials, it was decided bans will not be placed on the players and they are free to play for their team now. 2 out of 3 members voted in favour of this decision, that is why it was taken. The logic behind forgiving them was that it was really hard to see according to the rules regarding doping tests that should they be banned or not. The rules were so complicated that even penalizing the players was hard because officials weren't certain what kind of penalty should they put on the players. Therefore, it was not easy for these two players to know of the rules before they had gotten themselves trapped in to this situation.

Whatever happened there, I hope it is better for Pakistan. Here is a report I found produced by Mufta TV, that can be viewed by clicking the link below or saving it in your Hard drive.
Click Here to Download Video Report



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