Role of Religion in Muhammad Yousaf's achievements

What a terrific test season it has been for Muhammad Yousaf. He scored nine centuries this year, and compiled a total of 1788 runs. These figures have made a new history. 1788 runs in one calendar year is a record in all-time history of test cricket. Before this same record was held Viv Richards, that he had made around 30 years back. Not only this record, Viv Richards also held the record of most centuries in a year that was of 7. Later, Arvinda DeSilva of Sri Lanka also achieved this same mark. But this year, even this record has been named to Muhammad Yousaf, as he scored 9 centuries this year.

Muhammad Yousaf says since he converted to Islam, he has been able to focus better. Which I would agree with 100%. In this season, Muhammad Yousaf has been batting on some pitches that were quite hard to bat on, but he showed patience even on those pitches. Even Rameez Raja commented on the change conversrion brought in Muhammad Yousaf: "Religion has played an integral part in his growth not just as a cricketer but as a person." So, there is no doubt Islam has helped him in Cricket.

Muhammad Yousaf has impressed everybody by his unbelievable achievments this year. Many Cricket stars have given good comments on him. Even Brian Lara, captain of West Indies (the team Muhammad Yousaf scored 4 of the 9 centuries against this year), had good words for Muhammad Yousaf:
"It's excellent and slightly unbelievable what he has achieved. Nine hundreds in a year and that many runs is just magnificent. He is a very committed player and an excellent role model, not just for Pakistan but for young cricketers everywhere. He's had an amazing year, though the last 600 runs that he has scored I haven't really enjoyed."

CricInfo has gathered some pictures that highlights the whole year of Muhammad Yousaf. Click here to check it out.



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