Ali Zafar's Brand new Album Masty!

Ali Zafar "The Channo Guy" has released his second album titled "Masty"

Everyone is looking for a good response from this album, lets hope its as good or better then the first one, there are a lot of high expectations from him, lets see if he sees up to them.

The official release date of the album is November 25, 2006, so for all the people living in Pakistan and India, can go and buy the album now.

all songs available for downloads at

1. Masty (Click here to WATCH)
2. Dekha
3. Sajania
4. Jaaney na koi
5. Aasman
6. Merey hathon mein
7. Khereyan (Click here to download)
8. Aag

I can give reviews on a couple of the songs i have heard:

Masty: Good song with a good beat and excellently sung.

Kheryan: A punjabi song, cant say exactly how it is, because i don't know how the music is since it was sung live, but it was one of those sad punjabi songs.

Dekha: Heard only the promo of it, and it looked like a really good song, cant wait to hear the whole thing

Aag: Also heard only the promo of this song, and this song also seemed very good, cant wait to hear this also

Other songs i still have not heard, will wait for the album to hear them all, i am really looking forward for the album.


Anonymous said...

nicee...his album is finally comin out...great song it is that masty song....listnin to kheryan rite now...looks really good also...cant wait till all his songs r out!!!


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