Pakistani Drama "Kadoorat" Episodes, Review & OST

Kadoorat - Hum TV Drama - Episodes, Review & OST

Hum TV's upcoming drama Kadoorat will be starting on 17th of July, 2013. It will be aired on Hum TV every Wednesday at 8:00 PM. 

Kadoorat is written by Zoha Hassan and directed by Aabis Raza. Production is done by Pakistan's popular producer Momina Duraid

The cast includes Sanam Saeed, Momil Sheikh, Imran Aslam, Deepak Parwani, Angeline Malik, Junaid Khan, and Adnan Jaffer. 

You can watch all its episodes as they are aired. Click the link. Watch Kadoorat by Hum TV

Kadoorat's title song is also being aired on Hum TV currently. Lyrics for OST (Kadoorat) are written by Sabir Zafar, and you can hear it in the voice of Saima. Download Kadoorat Title Song.

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Pakistani Dramas Reviews

Pakistani Dramas Reviews

Watch: Hum TV Dramas | Reviews for: Hum TV Dramas

Since Pakistan's drama industry has boomed, many good dramas have been coming out. Since then watching Pakistani dramas online has become common. The drama industry wasn't doing well when a lot of channels opened up. The quality of serials dropped due to mass quantity. However, late in last decade the quality started improve, the scripts started to get better and acting standard rose high. Now the industry is seeing a good time with dramas-worth-watching being aired regularly.

With so many dramas coming out, you want to read the reviews of Pakistani dramas. This way you can select which dramas you would like to watch. You can read all reviews online of Hum TV Dramas - to watch click Hum TV Dramas.

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Aunn Zara Review - Pakistani Drama APlus 2013

Aunn Zara Review (APlus TV) - Pakistani Drama

Your views on Aunn Zara - Pakistani Drama by APlus

 Watch Aunn Zara

Aunn Zara is APlus' new drama starting in June 2013. The title song for this drama is sung by Athar Sani & Raghni. The drama looks promising due to its humor and small jokes.While keeping the humor alive, a story is well knit within the serial.

It must also be said that Aunn Zara drama has good acting standards. Most actors, particularly the ones in Key role did a good job. The cast for Aunn Zara includes: Osman Khalid Butt, Maya Ali, Hina Bayat, Sabreen Hisbani and other several actors.

This drama can be watched at Drama Fazeem - Watch Aunn Zara.

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Watch Pakistani Dramas 2013

Watch Pakistani Dramas 2013

Latest Pakistani Dramas of 2013 (Hum TV, ARY Digital, Geo TV)

afipn7.jpg (584×256)
Watch Latest Pakistani Dramas (2013)
Pakistani channels are coming out with new dramas everyday. More and more dramas are being released. Sometimes its overwhelming to keep up with them. Therefore, for your ease, now you can watch Pakistani Dramas on HumDramas.Com. Click HERE to watch Pakistani Dramas.

At this website, you can watch dramas for Geo TV, Hum TV, ARY Digital, PTV Home and other Pakistani TV Channels. You can also download dramas songs at Hum Dramas. Click Here to Download Pakistani Dramas Songs.

Some of the top dramas of 2013 include Dil-e-Muztar, Tanhai, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, and Humnasheen. All these dramas along with other dramas can be viewed at Pakistani Dramas.

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Download Naam Tera by Kamran Ahmed - MP3/WMA 2013

Download Naam Tera by Kamran Ahmed (2013) Pakistani Music

Download Kamran Ahmed's song Naam Tera - Download MP3

This is the latest single of Kamran Ahmed - the song is called Naam Tera. The video is also available.
Download Naam Tera by Kamran Ahmed
Watch Official Music Video:
Download Naam Tera by Kamran Ahmed  
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Tauba Tauba by Bilal Saeed - Download MP3 (2013) Pakistani Song

Download Tauba Tauba by Bilal Saeed

Tauba Tauba by Bilal Saeed feat Dr. Zeus (2013)

Another amazing song by Pakistani artist Bilal Saeed has been released. He has released a song for an Indian movie Daddy Cool Munde Fool and this time again he has featured Dr Zeus in his track. This upbeat Punjabi song is a wonderful song. Enjoy the song and share with your friends.

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Alternate 1 - Download Tauba Tauba by Bilal Saeed – 2013 MP3/WMA

Hum Jee Len Ge by Mustafa Zahid - Download MP3/WMA

Hum Ji Len Gey by Mustafa Zahid

Download Hum Jee Len Gay by Mustafa Zahid - Murder 3 - MP3

33vf9e8.jpg (320×213)
Mustafa Zahid's new song for Murder 3 (2013)
Pakistani pop artist Mustafa Zahid has released a new single for a Bollywood flick, Murder 3. The song has two versions and can be downloaded here. Unplugged version of this song had been on internet for some time now. This is completed version of the song - you can download Original version and Rock version. Both the links have been placed below. Enjoy Mustafa Zahid's song from Murder 3 and share with others on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


Coke Studio Season 6 - Pakistani Music 2013

Coke Studio Season 6 (2013)

Pakistani Music Show - Coke Studio 6

Pakistani popular music show Coke Studio is returning with Season 6 this year. Coke Studio has become the most popular music show in Pakistan. This show is one of its kind, and brings fusion of various kinds of music. Past 5 seasons of Coke Studio have been major hits, and this year is likely to be a bigger it. Coke Studio Season 6 features some of Pakistan's biggest artists. The list of 2013 Coke Studio artists isn't final, however it does reflect the likely artists of season 6.

Coke Studio Season 6 Artists:

  • Abrar-ul-Haq
  • Fuzon
  • Bunny
  • Najam Sheraz
  • Alamgir
  • Abbas Ali Khan
  • Gohar Mumtaz (of Jal)
  • Ali Zafar
  • Ali Azmat
The list features some really popular artists of Pakistan. There may be more singers in this list once the time for Coke Studio Season 6 approaches near. Surely, most of us can't wait for this season of 2013.

CokeStudio Official Site - Click Here

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Pakistani Dramas 2012-2013 (Watch Latest Dramas)

Pakistani Dramas 2012-2013

List of Pakistani Dramas of 2013

Some really nice Pakistani Dramas are beginning in late 2012 that will run in to 2013. These Pakistani Dramas of 2013 have been compiled here (some of the best ones) so that you can enjoy them. Visit the links pasted below for Pakistani Dramas of 2013 and enjoy. The list mentions dramas of all Pakistani channels including Geo TV , ARY Digital and PTV. Enjoy and share this post with for family & friends.

  1. Kahi an Kahi
  2. Maya [Maaya]
  3. Zindagi Gulzar Hai
  4. Main Gunhegar Nahin
  5. Mirat-ul-Uroos

Watch Pakistan vs India 2012/2012 - Schedule - Live Links

Pakistan vs India 2012/2013 Live Cricket Streaming and Schedule

Watch Pakistan vs India Live Cricket or Read Fixtures

Pakistan and India go head to head once again and this time in India. Pakistan will face India for 3 One Day Internationals and 2 Twenty20 matches. All matches can be watched online, and the schedule can also be viewed here. Please follow the links below to enjoy some quality Cricket Streaming for Pakistan vs India matches of 2012/2013. You can Watch Pakistan vs India T20s Live, and also enjoy India vs Pakistan ODI matches.
Enjoy the clash of two of the greatest cricketing nations - and easily the great rivals: Pakistan vs India. 
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